What we do


Onward Mental Health provides Integrative Mental Health insight. 

Through speaking engagements, books, research summaries, monographs, training, infographics, editing services, and one-on-one interaction, we articulate an evidence-based and humane map for mental health recovery. We help people use that map to take their next best step forward. 

We hold important:

  • Integrative Mental Health, a discipline that combines the best of conventional psychiatry with complementary and alternative treatments.

  • Robust testing. Thorough biomedical and psychosocial root-cause evaluations to help identify and address the unique causative factors of an individual's mental distress.

  • Non-drug options. Broad awareness of the many evidence-based non-drug approaches that are currently underutilized and have strong unrealized potential.

  • Safety. A harm-reduction approach to mental health grounded in the sharing of therapy benefits and risk and the use of the lowest-risk-of-harm options first.

  • Transparency. Highlighting the understated harms and overstated benefits of psychiatric drugs to help individuals, families, and practitioners make the most informed choices in care.

  • Respect. Self-determination, compassion, and individualized humane care for those in mental distress.

  • Recovery. The reality of personal recovery that enables people to live happy, meaningful, and productive lives.


We listen before we speak. We learn before we advise. We express our insight respectfully, clearly, and fearlessly.

ONWARD Mental Health is an operating unit of Onward Ventures LLC, a Michigan corporation. 

Craig Wagner
Founder and Principal

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