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Choices in Recovery

27 non-drug options for recovery


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"... an important contribution to psychiatric care... provocative and forward looking... "

     - Bob Nassauer, National Alliance on Mental Illness educator


"... honest, intelligent, carefully researched... a nuanced guide with doable steps..."

   - Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD, Asst. Clinical Professor Psychiatry, New York Medical College


"... a valuable snapshot of the current evidence... very reader-friendly and clinically relevant..."

     - Jerome Sarris PhD, Head of the ARCADIA Mental Health Research Group


"... the mental health world needs this book! ... a cornucopia of evidence-based therapies ... for anyone with a mental disorder, their loved ones, and practitioners..."

    - Dan Stradford, President, Safe Harbor 


"... one of the best, concise resources I've ever come across...   I am forever grateful... There is hope for healing in this book ... an outstanding book and incredible resource! ..." "

    - Loved-ones of people with mental health issues

"... a beacon in the often confusing and frustrating search for comprehensive mental health care ... An invaluable gift... This book will save lives ..."

- Stephanie Heit, self-described psychiatric system survivor

Editorial review



     Craig Wagner's Choices in Recovery offers a broad spectrum of proven non-drug therapies for mental health recovery in a clear, pragmatic, and balanced form. Discarding medical jargon when it isn't needed, the book is both dense with recovery techniques and amazingly readable.

     Choices in Recovery stitches together recovery techniques from divergent sources: conventional psychiatry and alternative medicine; biomedical and psychosocial disciplines; as well as Western and non-Western medical systems. 


     The book is strongly evidence-based, with over 1500 references. But, it is also enlivened with over 100 patient case studies and physician perspectives that bring a strong sense of humanity and hope to the meticulous medical detail. It is updated every three months with the latest research, clinical innovations, and case studies of recovery.

    Wagner's book is specifically written for those with mental health issues and their loved-ones. But case managers, social workers, and mental health professionals will also find it an excellent read. It is a robust tool for anyone seeking light on the pathway of mental health recovery. 

Review by Dion Zessin, author of Codex Alternus: A Research Collection of Alternative and Complementary Treatments for Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and Drug-induced Side Effects.

    To help remove barriers to mental wellness, we will steeply discount (or offer free if funding is available) Choices in Recovery for individuals in financial hardship, and also for nonprofits, education organizations, and mental health researchers. If interested, please contact us with:

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     Download the full research reference list for Choices in Recovery, covering over 1500 studies from leading medical journals. By publish date (5/10/2023). In alphabetic order.

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