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Biomedical Practitioners

for mental health

Our Integrative Mental Health Practitioner Finder, can assist you in finding a practitioner who can work with you to test for and treat potential biomedical issues that can cause and influence mental distress. Medical practitioners with a variety of titles can fulfill this role (e.g. integrative psychiatrist, naturopath, Orthomolecular practitioner, and MD - provided they are trained in the physical implications of mental health).  Gaining biomedical support is an important but often overlooked aspect of mental health. 25% of people have physical issues that cause or exacerbate their mental distress.

Psychiatrists rarely use cause-seeking biomedical testing since they focus their practice on drugs that address symptoms. As a result you will likely need to expand your treatment team to get biomedical support for mental distress.


If you are a licensed practitioner who provides these services, is lot listed in the referenced directories, and would like to be added to this list, please contact us

These practitioners usually have a set of tests they run that they have found most effective. Our biomedical test panels gives many of the tests that are more commonly used. 

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